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Syria: Obama's Criminal Policy on the Ropes

Updated October 18, 2015

Barack Obama during a news conference in which he said that the Syrian government is "not legitimate", October 16, 2015.

And now the Russians have come in, and Iran is going to send more people in.  But it’s also not going to work because they are trying to support a regime that in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people is not legitimate.
- Barack Obama on foreign support for Syrian president Bashar al Assad, October 16, 2015

Bashar al Assad and his wife voting in June 2014. In an election with three candidates, al Assad won 88 percent of the votes.

The high participation rate (73 percent) in June’s presidential elections, despite the war, was at least as significant as the strong vote (88 percent) Bashar received… Participation rates are nowhere as near in the U.S.; indeed no western leader can claim such a strong democratic mandate as this ‘dictator’. The size of Bashar’s win underlines a stark reality: there never was a popular uprising against this man; and his popularity has grown.
- Prof. Tim Anderson, “Why Syrians Support Bashar al Assad”, September 30, 2014

Syrians in Lebanon hold posters of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, and Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, with Arabic that reads "Lions of the time," during a rally to thank Moscow for its intervention in Syria, in front of the Russian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015. (AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)

Barack Obama’s comment that Syrian president Bashar al Assad is “not legitimate” is disturbing for two reasons.  First, because it is utterly false; and secondly, because it comes from a politician from Illinois, the “Land of Lincoln.”

As most Americans learn in school, Abraham Lincoln was re-elected in 1864, during the height of the U.S. Civil War, in an election in which the electoral votes of eleven Southern states were not even counted. Lincoln won with 55 percent of the popular vote. Voter turnout was about 74 percent.

President Abraham Lincoln, 1864

One hundred and fifty years later, in the middle of a similar civil war with foreign participants, the people of Syria voted in a multi-candidate presidential election and elected Bashar al Assad in a landslide, with a very similar turnout of 73 percent.

Why then does Obama say that Assad’s rule is “not legitimate”?

To be sure, Obama does not call Bashar al Assad’s rule illegitimate because the Syrian election system lacks legitimacy.  The U.S. election system, in which more than 99 percent of the votes are not even counted by the citizens, is certainly no better - and most likely much worse.

The Obama White House, like the controlled governments in London and Canada, is opposed to the rule of Bashar al Assad simply because the “administrators” are reading from a script they have been handed by their Zionist masters.

The name of the game the Rothschild-controlled governments are playing is “War and Chaos Leads to Regime Change” – but their evil game of regime change has stumbled on a very serious obstacle – Russian and Iranian support for the Assad government.

It now appears most likely that the ‘Islamist’ terrorist armies, trained and supplied by the C.I.A. and financed by Saudi Arabia, will be defeated.  In most cases, the ‘rebels’ will simply disappear into the shadows as the Syrian army, bolstered by Russian and Iranian support, take back the towns and villages they have held. Mercenaries are not willing to sacrifice themselves. They will simply join the flow of refugees to Germany, as many of them already have done.

Where will this leave Obama & Co., the quislings who have waged war, illegally, against the government of Bashar al Assad?

If the Russian intervention succeeds in routing the terrorist forces out of Syria and the war is concluded, Obama will look like a traitorous fool. He supported the overthrow of the government of Syria using illegal means and methods – and he lost. How can he defend his criminal actions in this case?

We can’t say with certainty that this will be the outcome, but it seems to be the most likely at this point.  If it does happen, it will be a huge set-back for the Zionist fraud known as the “War on Terror” with ramifications that could lead to significant changes for the better – in the United States and around the world.


Remarks by President Obama and President Park of the Republic of Korea in Joint Press Conference, The White House, October 16, 2015

“Why Syrians Support Bashar al Assad” by Prof. Tim Anderson, Global Research, September 30, 2014 

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