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Teacher Fired for Protesting "Zionist Jews" at the Fed

October 20, 2011

After being filmed at the Occupy L.A. protest last Saturday, in which she protested against the "Zionist Jews" who run the Federal Reserve System, Patricia McAllister was summarily fired from her job as a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles school system (LAUSD). The local FOX News coverage of the McAllister story and the position of the Occupy LA movement provides an excellent example of how the Zionist bankster crimocracy is protected by the controlled media. (FOX News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a Zionist Jew and business partner of Israel's super-agent Arnon Milchan.)

Brave people like McAllister who stand up to protest the Zionist crimocracy behind the illegal wars of conquest and the plundering of the U.S. Treasury invariably find their freedom of speech rights denied and their motivations questioned. It is certainly not "hate speech" to identify the culprits behind such massive crimes.

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