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The 9-11 European Truth Tour

June 16, 2005

Like Henry Ford of an earlier era, Jimmy Walter, an American patriotic millionaire, is leading a group of 9-11 researchers, victims, and heroes on a European tour to try to bring about an independent investigation from Europe into the attacks that launched the "war on terror."
AMSTERDAM, Holland - Jimmy Walter has spent $3.5 million of his own money on print advertisements in the United States mainstream media in an effort to bring public attention to the many unanswered questions of the 9-11 terror attacks. This spring, in an effort to try and open an independent European investigation of the attacks, the utopian city planner is sponsoring a tour of the continent and Britain with a group of researchers and activists who challenge to official version.
"The war is forced upon me," Walter, who designs sustainable cities for the future, told an Amsterdam press conference as his European tour began on May 18. "Because there will be no future if we don't stop these madmen."
"To start a European investigation into 9-11," is what he wants the tour to achieve Walter said. "We want to warn the world about what really happened on 9-11."
"If any part of the 9-11 story was not done by 19 Arabs who flunked out of flight school - then the whole story is a sham," he said.
Intellectual freedom is the main reason Walter chose to begin the tour in Holland's famous city of canals. Asked why he chose Amsterdam, Walter said, "This is where Europe broke out of the Dark Ages. The Dutch are intelligent, educated and tolerant. While they are skeptical by nature, they will listen to you."
The group that Walter is taking to 7 European cities includes 9-11 writers, researchers and survivors. There are two teams, which will have different events in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Vienna, and Manchester between May 20 and June 4.
William Rodriguez, the Puerto Rican porter and "key master" of the North Tower, who rescued many people and survived the collapse by sheltering under a fire truck, will tour with this writer and Eric Hufschmid, author of Painful Questions: An Analysis of the 9-11 Attack. Walter says Hufschmid's book and the supplementary DVD, Painful Deceptions, opened his eyes about the facts of the attacks and motivated him to dedicate a portion of his wealth to bringing this information to the public.
Philip J. Berg, a Pennsylvania-based lawyer representing some of the victims of 9-11, and Webster G. Tarpley, historian and author of 9-11: Synthetic Terror, are also on the tour.
Rachel Hughes, a 39-year-old from Brooklyn, who suffers from a chronic health condition her doctor says is like Gulf War Syndrome, is also on the tour. Hughes was not in New York City on 9-11 but volunteered the day after and brought meals to the workers at "ground zero" for several weeks afterward.
Hughes said she has only 20-30 percent of her lung capacity left. Inhalation of tiny particles that hovered over the WTC site and lower Manhattan is the most likely cause of her symptoms. The composition of the fine cloud that hovered over the site for days was analyzed by Thomas Cahill, a professor at the University of California at Davis, and found to contain dangerously high levels of heavy metals and other known toxins.
"Two days after the attack, the EPA said the air was safe to breathe," Berg, who represents Hughes, said. "Christie Todd Whitman lied on September 13." EPA spokesmen did not answer calls about this matter.
Asked if the intense heat that persisted at the WTC site would have produced sub-micron size particles known as nano-particles, chemical physicist Marion Fulk, formerly with Livermore National Lab, said, "Yes."
Fulk, who researches the effects of nano-particles on the human cell and biological systems, has contributed greatly to understanding how the smallest particles of depleted uranium cause the greatest damage to human health - and lead directly to a host of symptoms generally known as Gulf War Syndrome.
"When things burn," Fulk said, "that's where these fine particles are produced." The numerous incredibly hot spots at ground zero would have produced huge amounts of toxic nano-particles of asbestos, lead, and other heavy metals that lingered in the air over Manhattan and Brooklyn for weeks. "These are able to enter the body through the lungs, nose, and skin," Fulk said. Once inside the body they migrate freely and are able to penetrate into the nucleus of the cells due to their incredibly small size.
Rodriguez, who worked in the twin towers for 20 years, worked as a porter in the North Tower for the last 10 years before 9-11. He was one of 5 people who had a master key for the entire building. He had an office in the first basement level and another on the 33rd floor. After the building was hit by a plane, Rodriguez rescued many trapped people after he refused to leave the building as ordered by his superiors.
Rodriguez told me about a man he rescued from the first basement level. "Explosion, explosion," the man said as Rodriguez found him with his skin peeled off of his arms. The official explanation of the cause of this explosion is that jet fuel fell down elevator shafts and somehow exploded in the basement. The 9-11 commission interviewed Rodriguez in a closed session at the FEMA office in New York City, but none of his testimony has been included in the commission's report. "We worked hard for the commission to get subpoena power and they didn't use it," Rodriguez said. "I knew they were lying."
A huge second explosion occurred seconds after the plane struck the tower, Rodriguez said. After that there were "many, many explosions," he said. When he went to his office on the 33rd floor next to the freight elevator to get rescue equipment, Rodriguez heard the sound of "heavy equipment" being moved on the floor above. The 34th floor, however, was a floor that was "supposed to be empty." Rodriguez said he was 100 percent sure that somebody was moving heavy equipment around on the floor that had no walls, offices, or tenants.
Rodriguez, from Jersey City, has been made a national hero in Puerto Rico. His amazing story, which has been reported in the Spanish-language media, has not received equal attention in the English-language press.
The story of the Israeli "movers" who were arrested after filming the collapse of the WTC is a "huge" story that has been ignored by the mainstream media, Rodriguez said. The sergeant who was involved in the arrest of the "movers" at Liberty State Park in New Jersey was "ordered not to talk about it," he said. "They had Arab costumes in the trunk," he said, "and were dressed in those clothes when they were filming the collapse."

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