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The Black Ops Murder of the Philip Marshall Family

February 25, 2013

Philip Marshall is a retired United Airlines pilot, he’s written a couple of books about 9/11, most recently The Big BamboozleHe was a former associate of the CIA/DEA informant Barry Seal, the notorious CIA cocaine smuggler, and if you think Phillip Marshall killed himself and his two children as the police are trying to claim; well, I don’t know…you need to go back to school.
- Kevin Barrett in interview with Wayne Madsen, February 19, 2013

Former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen went to the scene of the crime in Murphys, California, and is “100 percent certain” that 9/11 investigator and author Philip Marshall and his two children were killed in a black ops hit. Madsen’s conclusion is that the cover story – an alleged murder/suicide – is transparently absurd. Madsen explained his findings in an interview with Kevin Barrett on February 19. The Madsen interview can be heard at:

The Madsen interview sheds some light on the connections between the Colombian drug smuggling network and 9-11.  The Colombian drug network involved the Israeli military along with the Bush and Clinton families.  More on the Israeli/Colombian connections with 9-11 can be found in "The Planes of 9-11", the second chapter of Solving 9-11.

The Madsen interview can be read on Barrett's website at:  
“100 Percent Certain”: 9/11 Author was Killed in Black Ops Hit

Philip Marshall and his children, Macaila (14) and Alex (17), and their dog, were murdered at their home in Murphys, California, in what certainly appears to be another black ops murder/suicide like the killing of Jason Todd Ready and his family in Gilbert, Arizona, on May 2, 2012. In such cases the dead victim is blamed for the murders although no evidence is presented to support the charge. In the Ready case the local police were prevented from entering the house/crime scene until they obtained a warrant. The search and seizure warrant was only signed at 10:46 that night, many hours after the mass killing, giving the federal agents on the scene: the Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, and ATF, plenty of time to clean up.

Philip Marshall was a former pilot who had inside information having worked with the DEA and CIA.  He had worked as a pilot for Adler Berriman "Barry" Seal, one of the biggest drug smugglers in U.S. history. Marshall had written three books and was writing his fourth when he was killed. His latest book is The Big Bamboozle: 9-11 and the War on Terror (2012).

Adler Berriman "Barry" Seal (July 16, 1939 – February 19, 1986) was a drug smuggler and aircraft pilot who flew covert flights for the Central Intelligence Agency and the Medellín Cartel. He became a government informant and was murdered outside his halfway house in Baton Rouge.

The Marshall house (Point A) at 1259 Sandalwood Drive in Murphys is located on a slope at the very edge of the Forest Meadows subdivision.  There is no perimeter fence and the rear of the house was easily accessible from the wilderness area behind it. This may be how the killers gained access to the Marshall house on the night of January 31 without being noticed by the neighbors.

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