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The Event in Charlemont

June 24, 2016

Christopher Bollyn's speaking event in Greenfield, Massachusetts, ran into organized resistance that resulted in the event being moved from three different venues in town. Finally, after being pulled from three locations due to threats and other demands, we moved the event to a rustic barn in an idyllic setting, just west of Greenfield, in Charlemont. 
(Photos by Helje Bollyn)

The new location could not have been nicer or more beautiful.

People met and conversed in the tranquil idyllic setting...

as the venue was prepared.

Children played as the adults did the setting up...

and played with Ajax and his ball.

I was glad that the midsummer event was being held in such a beautiful green setting.

The presentation went very well without any constraints or friction.

What would a midsummer event be without fresh strawberries?

Deb Chandler, here with Dennis Morrisseau at the event in Brattleboro, Vermont, persevered and prevailed, in spite of all of the obstacles thrown in her path by the 9/11 truth gate-keepers of Greenfield.

1968 - Army Second Lieutenant Dennis Morrisseau of Burlington, Vermont, being arrested in front of White House (of Lyndon B. Johnson) while in uniform and carrying a sign: “120,000 American Casualties—WHY?”
Source and Morrisseau bio:

Christopher Bollyn and Dennis Morrisseau in Brattleboro, Vermont.


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