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The Event in Jasper: On the Subject of Everyday Heroes

Updated November 5, 2014

Jasper, a town that lies within a national park, is about 260 miles north of Calgary.

Having just concluded a book tour of the West Coast, which took me all the way up to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies, I am already planning to do another tour of the U.S. this coming winter. The reason I am so eager to do another tour is because I think it is the best way to bring the message of 9-11 truth to the public. It also generates some controversy, which is good. As I say, embrace controversy. It brings attention to the subject and engages people’s minds like nothing else.

My research, which is published in the Solving 9-11 set of books, is considered controversial by some in the 9-11 truth community because I name the individuals behind the false-flag terror deception that changed the world. At this point, it is safe and easy to say that the official version is a pack of lies. The facts prove that to be the case and a considerable percentage of the American population already realizes that we have been lied to for more than 13 years about what happened on that day. However, showing who is behind the false-flag deception that changed our nation and took us to war is much more difficult, and it is exactly that which makes my research unique.

My thesis is controversial only to those who have not yet read theSolving 9-11 books. Once one has carefully read the material it is virtually impossible to argue against it because the books present all the facts that support my thesis that 9-11 was fundamentally an Israeli and Zionist operation. If one reads the larger book, Solving 9-11: The Original Articles - which contains all my 9-11 research articles in chronological order from 2001 to 2012 - the honest reader will come to the same conclusion that I have.

I am trying to reach out to 9-11 truth activists to find those who would like to arrange an event where I can present my research and answer questions from the public. If you would like me to speak at an event in your town, send me an email at and we can discuss the details.  Or you can contact me by using theFeedback tab. Please let me know if you are interested in helping arrange a presentation in your town this winter.


The event in Jasper was special because it was organized by only one woman, Monika Schaefer, in less than ten days! The venue was the Jasper Museum, the director of which was contacted by a person in distant Calgary a few days prior to the event, and told to cancel the event “at all costs”. This created quite a controversy and the young director of the museum handled it very well, explaining at the beginning of the event that free speech is a cherished right in Canada and that Monika’s right to rent the room and present the event had to be respected in a democratic society.

The detractor from Calgary also contacted the local newspaper, The Fitzhugh, and repeated his complaint about the forthcoming event to the editor, which resulted in the paper sending a reporter to cover my speech. As I say, controversy is very good because it focuses public attention on what is being discussed.

The controversy has continued in Jasper to this day. A supporter of my event – and Monika Schaefer’s role in making it happen – recently wrote the following letter to the editor of The Fitzhugh:


Dear Editor,

Sorry to hear your website was under assault last week. The article on Christopher Bollyn would have generated lively debate in your comments section.

I was privileged to attend Bollyn’s talk and found his experience in discussing the events of 9/11 enlightening. Among the various 9/11 researchers, Bollyn has his own unique perspective having been an active journalist in the mainstream media at the time and having lost his job due to his reporting of events as they unfolded.

Looking back to Oct. 1, I realize that while Bollyn is indeed a giant in the truth movement, the hero of the evening was Monika Schaefer. She arranged the whole event from start to finish and paid for it to boot. A lot of work went into scheduling the author, arranging a date, finding a venue, promoting the event, organizing refreshments and all the myriad details. She even hired a videographer to record the proceedings. You can access the video on YouTube via Bollyn’s website.

So what drives an ordinary person to take these extraordinary measures? In conversation Monika has articulated to me that she is passionate about world peace and she believes it cannot exist in a climate of lies. Like Bollyn, she would rather forgo some personal comforts than remain silent about the massive deceit in “the free world” today. Nor are her efforts entirely altruistic, she recognizes that the “good life” is a shallow dream built on the backs of the unfortunate. Harmony, peace and security can never exist without respect and equality for all.

Monika has accepted the challenge, let’s give her a hand.

Brian McKirdy
Valemount, B.C.

Sources:  The Fitzhugh, Jasper, Alberta, October 29, 2014

The report of the event by Trevor Nichols of The Fitzhugh is online at:

The video of my presentation in Jasper is on YouTube:

Video Link -

Christopher Bollyn's Solving 9-11 book tour reached Canada's Jasper National Park on October 1, 2014.

Bollyn spoke at the Jasper Museum.

Bollyn hiking in the mountains near Jasper.

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