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The Goldman Scam & John Paulson's Links to 9-11

April 20, 2010

The latest news about the fraud at Goldman Sachs confirms what I have been saying all along about the financial "meltdown" and government bail-outs of 2008-2009 - it was a massive Zionist fraud, which I called the Fleecing of America.  Will Hutton of Britain's Observer reported on 18 April 2010 in an article entitled "Now we know the truth.  The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – IT WAS A CON" - 

The global financial crisis, it is now clear, was caused not just by the bankers' colossal mismanagement. No, it was due also to the new financial complexity offering up the opportunity for widespread, systemic fraud...

Beneath the complexity, the charges are all rooted in the same phenomenon – deception. Somebody, somewhere, was knowingly fooled by banks and bankers – sometimes governments over tax, sometimes regulators and investors over the probity of balance sheets and profits and sometimes, as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says in Goldman's case, by creating a scheme to enrich one favoured investor at the expense of others – including, via RBS, the British [and U.S.] taxpayer.

The man at the center of this particular scam is a man named John Alfred Paulson and his company.  The New York Times reports that Paulson personally made an estimated $3.7 billion in 2007 as a result of his hedge fund’s performance, and another $2 billion in 2008.  The charge is that Goldman's vice-president Fabrice Tourre created a dud financial instrument packed with valueless sub-prime mortgages at the instruction of hedge fund client Paulson, sold it to investors knowing it was valueless, and then allowed Paulson to profit from the dud financial instrument.

John Alfred Paulson

As the Observer reported on April 18:

The reality was that Paulson was frantically buying credit default swaps in the CDO that would go up in price the more valueless it became – a trade that would make more than $1 billion. Worse, Paulson had identified some of the dud sub-prime mortgages that he wanted Tourre to put into the CDO. If the SEC case is true, this was a scam – nothing more, nothing less.


Following Harvard Business School, Paulson began his career working as a Management Consultant at Boston Consulting Group from 1980 to 1982 (where Benjamin Netanyahu began his career in 1976) and as an Associate at Odyssey Partners from 1982 to 1984.  Paulson's career at Odyssey Partners brought him into a small circle of Zionist finance scoundrels comprised of Stephen Berger, Leon Levy, and Jack Nash.

John Paulson and Stephen Berger joined Odyssey Partners in 1982, the year it was founded by Jack Nash (left) and Leon Levy (right).

The late Jack Nash (in 1995) was a devoted Zionist supporter and chairman of the American Friends of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (AFIM).  His wife Helen is currently a vice president of the Zionist organization, of which the Baroness Nadine de Rothschild is the Honorary President and Jo Carole Lauder, the wife of Ronald Lauder, is an executive committee board member.

Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress and close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, looks pretty miserable for a multi-millionaire Zionist in his mid-60s (even with his secretive Israeli girlfriend/Mossad handler/art dealer Daniella Luxembourg).  Lauder was the driving force behind the privatization of the World Trade Center, a key part of the 9-11 plot.  Guilt destroys a person up from inside.  There is no escape, Ron.

Lauder's full-time Mossad handler Daniella Luxembourg and "contemporary art specialist" Amalia Dayan, both of Phillips, de Pury & Luxembourg.  Dayan is the grand-daughter of Moshe Dayan.  The world of Zionist terrorism is small and based on certain family ties.  The Zionist terrorist regime of Israel today is very much like the Sicarii Zealots of the First Century.  The Sicarii were Jewish robbers and terrorists who killed other Jews to further their extremist ends.  Facing the power of the Roman army, the Sicarii wound up killing hundreds of Jews in the massacre of Masada.  The Israeli terrorist regime of Netanyahu and Barak uses Jews as human shields, which endangers all Jews, Zionist and non-Zionist, in the same way as the Sicarii of Masada in the First Century.  Israel today is becoming more and more like one huge Masada

...AND 9-11

Stephen Berger

Stephen Berger was executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (1985-1990), the owner of the World Trade Center, when Atwell Security, a Mossad company, received the security contract in 1987.  The Israel's Mossad attempt to obtain the security contract for the Port Authority in 1987 involved Mossad intelligence chief-cum-art dealer Peter Zvi Malkin.  Michael Chertoff's mother, Livia Eisen, was also a Mossadnik art dealer in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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