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The Israeli Connection to 9/11

September 2, 2011

The title page from "The Israeli Connection to 9/11"

A research professor emeritus from an American university recently sent me a note under the rubric, "Great Article and Great Work!"

The professor wrote:

I only recently came across and reviewed an old article of yours, when cleaning out my "Favorites" list on Internet Explorer. It's the article entitled Mossad - The Israeli Connection To 9/11, on

The complete article can be read here:

The good professor concluded:

I hope to find time soon to read more of your articles from your website. it's great work that you've done. I wish it could snowball into a public call for a new, unbiased, logical & scientific investigation of 9-11. I hope you've found many colleagues of like mind, such as Richard Gage, to link efforts with. 

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