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The Key Question Remains: Was Lanza off his Meds?

December 19, 2012

New York magazine has added this note below an article on Adam Lanza.

Update:  Over the weekend the Daily News quoted Adam Lanza's uncle as saying he was taking an anti-psychotic drug called Fanapt. The Daily News subsequently deleted the quote.  The deletion does not necessarily mean that the claim was false.  The drug company would certainly have applied pressure on the paper to remove the statement.  The drug company that made the drugs used by the crazed Columbine shooters threatened the victims of the shooting and forced them to withdraw their lawsuit! 

When I wrote for American Free Press the editor removed any critical content about antidepressants and eventually refused to publish any articles I wrote about the drugs and their connection to mindless acts of violence like school shootings and family murders.  Something like this may have happened at Alex Jones's website.  Earlier today there were two items about Adam Lanza using Fanapt.  Both were removed from the website on the same day:

Predictions Confirmed: Shooter Adam Lanza Was on Violence ...
8 hours ago – It also has a long line of side effects that echo reports that drugs of this ... is going viral across the web,Adam Lanza was indeed taking Fanapt ...

Breaking: Adam Lanza Was On Antipsychotic Drug Fanapt! – YouTube
6 hours ago - Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel
As in 99% of mass murder shootings Adam Lanza was on at least one powerful ... The side effects of Fanapt ...

Instead of these articles has posted an article which says the claim that Adam Lanza was taking Fanapt is a hoax.  The article by Paul Joseph Watson claims that the information did not come from Lanza's real uncle but from "an Internet troll."  If the claim is a hoax, we should then ask why would a person carry out such an outrageous hoax to make the claim that Adam Lanza was on Fanapt?

So, the question remains open...


“…kids who suffer from anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, or obsessive-compulsive disorder as a result of Aspergers may benefit from medication to help with these symptoms… To treat depression, drugs such as fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem) may be prescribed…  In some kids and teenagers, these medications may increase suicidal thoughts and actions.”
- “Aspergers Children: Medication & Side Effects,”, December 16, 2012

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport asks whether psychoactive medications were involved in the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. This is, of course, the crucial question that must be asked in every such shooting, but never is.  There is a conspiracy of silence in the mainstream media when psychoactive prescription medications are the real culprits behind such senseless violence.  

As Jon Rappoport writes in this extract from his recent posting on the Newtown shooting:

    We are entering another familiar phase of the standard mass-murder scenario. 

It goes like this: “A portrait is beginning to emerge of the killer…”

With Adam Lanza, it starts with “loner, shy, awkward, different, very smart.” It now proceeds to “goth, computer nerd, carried briefcase not backpack, played video games.”

The latter terms are meant to connect the audience, the public, to the 1999 Columbine School mass murders, the touchstone of school shootings, the gold standard. The so-called “trenchcoat mafia”; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the “goth shooters.”

Next, we may hear Adam Lanza was bullied.

These are all synthetic descriptions about Lanza, manufactured to cue the audience to make certain assumptions about a person they don’t know at all.

The “emerging portrait” is a necessary step in the media presentation. It assures the public that they can make at least partial sense out of the killer.

It’s also a false trail, if in fact the killer was on psychiatric meds, because then all bets are off. The drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Ritalin, Adderall, etc.) do things to the brain that result in actions entirely beyond any description of Lanza, even when that description comes from family and friends.

Now, the police are getting into the act.

Connecticut State Police Lieutenant, Paul Vance, dangled a carrot in front of the press today: “Our investigators at the crime scene…did produce some very good evidence in this investigation, that our investigators will be able to use in, hopefully, painting the complete picture as to how—and more importantly why—this occurred.”

A note from Adam Lanza, found at the scene? A recording of a confession? Vance didn’t say. Perhaps his punch line will come tomorrow.

Here’s why this is a lie.

Killing your own mother, and then breaking into a school and killing 26 people, most of whom are very young children, doesn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, resolve by assigning a motive.

There is no motive that can explain such a crime.

Lanza was bullied, so he killed 26 people, including little children?

He had a very bad experience when he was in school?

His mother was brutal toward him?

But the media and law-enforcement presentation requires some sort of motive. It’s part of the planned sequence of events that occurs in the aftermath of mass murders. It needs to be there. The public is supposed to digest this motive and either accept it or grudgingly acknowledge it might have played a role in the killings. It’s better than a vacuum.

The public is not supposed to be left with a vacuum.

Of course, the television anchors button the whole thing up with their somber, high-minded, and world-weary bottom-line reminders that “we may never understand what really happened here on the morning of December 14th.” That’s folded in to provide the “helpless factor” that’s now engraved on every mass murder.

“We’re all victims and we have to accept what cannot be explained.”

We’re talking about multiple vectors of explaining a killer. Planned vectors.

“Well, he was this way and he was that way, and so-and-so person said he was this way, and at the end of the day all this helps but there is still an underlying mystery about the human mind that researchers are only beginning to probe, and here is Dr. Such and Such, who has been researching the deep corridors and channels of the brain for thirty years at Harvard, to try to help us make some sense of out of all of this…Doctor?”


Meanwhile, if Adam Lanza was on psychiatric drugs, the answer is obvious. HE HAD NO MOTIVE FOR KILLING ALL THOSE PEOPLE.

There was no motive.

That’s what the drugs do.

Yes, a person might be angry, might be resentful, might feel put-upon, might fantasize about revenge, might wish that people were dead…but he would never act on those feelings and thoughts.

That’s the whole point.

And then he takes the drugs, or dangerously withdraws from them, and THEN he kills people.

He does what he would otherwise never do.

In fact, some people who feel absolutely no desire for revenge, after taking the drugs kill others or themselves or both…

As far as motive for murder in the Adam Lanza case, everything is backwards. First, the police should be investigating whether he had been under the care of a physician. If so, what drugs were prescribed?

If the psychiatric meds are positively established, then all the rest of the mumbling and hinting and explaining and writing script is completely irrelevant. Lanza went crazy from the drugs and he killed. He took the drugs and he killed.

This is not an excuse. It’s a fact.

It doesn’t change the tragedy, but knowing it can prevent more mass murders, if the people trying to cover up what these drugs do can be pushed out of the way and shelved, along with all the other medical liars in this country.

Meanwhile, we’re getting the full dose of media mind control out of Newtown, Connecticut. The planned sequence is playing out.

Here’s the capper:  Newtown USA is the perfect town. Everybody is happy there. It’s the best place to live. People are friendly. There is virtually no serious crime. It’s so safe. It’s Christmas season. Decorations have already been hung in the streets. It’s the wonderful holiday in the wonderful community. Everybody likes everybody.

What’s the takeaway?

If this horrible, horrible thing happened in Newtown, no one is safe in America, anywhere.

Who wants to promote that message?

The same people who promote the imminent threat of terrorism, in order to wipe out freedom, to install wall to wall surveillance of everything we do and say and write, 24/7, to remove guns from citizens, to increase dependence on government for life and survival.

One young man, on one or two medicines, goes on a rampage and kills, and the planners advance their heinous cause: Operation Newtown.

As long as we stay asleep.


“Newtown murders:  astonishing Hunger Games “coincidence,” and killer’s mother now a Doomsday Prepper?” by Jon Rappoport, December 16, 2012

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