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The Lehman Scam and Fuld's Mossad Connection

March 16, 2010

Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC explains how the Lehman scam worked.  In this 10-minute video he explains the fraud at Richard S. Fuld's company and who was responsible.  Eliot Spitzer calls for "handcuffs" and criminal prosecution of those who were in the responsible positions at the Fed, namely Timothy Geithner and Ben Shalom Bernanke.  As I wrote more than a year ago, the A.I.G. and Lehman meltdowns were not accidental - they were carefully designed crimes.  Richard S. Fuld and Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G. are criminals, as are the people at the Federal Reserve who allowed their criminal conduct and then bailed them out - with taxpayer funds.  Will Geithner and Bernanke face criminal charges?


It should be noted that Richard S. Fuld is closely tied to Menachem Atzmon, the Israeli Mossadnik who owned the passenger-screening/airport security company that was behind getting the 19 Arab hijackers on the planes of 9-11.  Uzi Ruskin, Menachem Atzmon, and his Mossad-funded comrades took over the failing United Merchants & Manufacturers, Inc. in 1993 - from Fuld's uncle, Martin Schwab, Richard's mother's brother.

Richard S. Fuld

As I wrote in early October 2008 about the criminal activity of A.I.G. and Lehman, crimes which led to the trillion dollar bail-out:

Lehman Bros. CEO Dick Fuld, the much despised scion of the "Elder of Zion" Jacob Schwab, stole half a billion dollars at the company he ruined. His grandfather's company, UM&M, was later sold to the Israeli criminal, Menachem Atzmon, culprit of 9-11 and co-criminal with Ehud Olmert. What a small world!

The CEOs behind the bail-out of A.I.G. and Lehman Bros. are both devoted Zionist fraudsters. Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G. is dealt with in the following article. Richard S. Fuld, the CEO of Lehman Bros. was paid nearly $500 million according to a recent article by Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times. Kristof wrote that Fuld, the longtime chief of Lehman Brothers, "took home nearly half-a-billion dollars in total compensation between 1993 and 2007." Talk about unbridled greed.

Fuld is the grandson of Jacob W. Schwab, one of the original Zionist fund-raisers of New York. The Schwab family has a long history of criminal activity, which the New York Times has documented. These two Zionist criminals should not be bailed out; they should be arrested! This is the essence of the Zionist crimocracy I have been discussing for years. They are going for the gold in the last act and we must stop them.



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