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The Media Hyenas Attacking President Trump

January 24, 2017

The controlled media is treating President Donald Trump like a pack of hyenas attacking a lion.

Josef Joffe, the Jewish publisher of Die Zeit, actually suggested "Murder in the White House" on German television as a method to remove Donald Trump from power. The American people need to understand who is behind this incitement - and what it means for our republic.

The media's harsh criticism of President Donald Trump needs a bit of explaining. I have never before seen the media act so much like a gang of hyenas against a newly elected president. I am sure that it has never been so bad for an incoming president in all of U.S. history.

Why is the media so vicious? The first point to remember is that the media in the U.S. is consolidated like never before. Something like 90 percent of the media outlets are owned by only six corporations, like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.  Some of the family-owned companies, like the New York Times, came out early in support of Hillary Clinton, who also had the support of Madame de Rothschild and the international financial gangster George Soros.

What needs to be understood is that this is the same controlled media that supported going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and which has been completely silent about what really happened on 9-11. That is to say this is the very same media that is complicit in the 9-11 cover-up and deception.

If the media had not censored eyewitness testimony of explosions and the evidence of molten metal flowing through the towers before, during, and after their explosive demolition - the American people would have understood they were being lied to and set up for a fake and criminal war. The fraudulent war agenda would have been halted in its tracks. Controlling the media was essential to foisting the 9-11 deception and fraudulent War on Terror on the world.

This is what the Trump-hating media has done for us for the past 15 years. They lied to us about 9-11 and lied us into a criminal Zionist war agenda known as the War on Terror. They had no problem with the fact that both invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were based on huge whopping lies, which they repeated without question to the American people. Their lying about 9-11 continues to this day! They have still not reported on the scientific evidence that at least six percent of the dust of the destroyed Twin Towers is tiny balls of molten iron – discovered in 2003!

The fact that they hate Donald Trump is to be expected. I would worry if they liked him. An honest man would not want to be friends with the media whores who have sold their souls and helped take our nation into illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

During the women's protest march in Washington, D.C., the day after the inauguration, an American singer named Madonna Louise Ciccone spoke to the crowd and said:  "Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House."

This is clearly an incitement to violence, whether she meant it or not.  If she were a Muslim she would have probably been arrested on the spot and charged with inciting an act of terrorism. By saying these words she is putting the idea of violence against the president of the United States into the mind of the public.

"Murder in the White House"

In a clear incitement to murder, Josef Joffe, the Jewish publisher-editor (born Poland 1944) of Die Zeit, a weekly German newspaper, suggested "murder in the White House" as a method to remove President Donald Trump from power. His comment aired on German television two days after Trump's inauguration.

Will this German publisher be held accountable for incitement to murder the president of the United States? Having made a comment inciting an act of terror, will Josef Joffe be allowed to enter the United States?

A German reader commented on the anti-Trump atmosphere of the controlled media in Germany: "Even if it was not meant seriously, a flippant remark with such content is very unusual in this context in Germany. His statement builds on and fabricates a hostile atmosphere that is unheard of here."

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