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The MH370 Cover-Up: GA Telesis Fabricates Story of Missing Plane's Israeli Twin

June 20, 2014

COVER-UP OF ISRAELI TWIN EXPOSED - GA Telesis, the Florida-based company that owned the Israeli twin of MH370, has been caught fabricating a cover story to explain why this plane (N105GT) was in a hangar in Tel Aviv when its Malaysian twin disappeared.  

THE ISRAELI TWIN OF MH370 - GA Telesis recently crafted a press release, back-dated to October 4, 2013, and inserted it into the archives for 2013.  The Internet archives, however, reveal that this fraudulent press release did not even exist in 2013.  Why would GA Telesis be fabricating press releases to provide a plausible history for this suspicious plane in Tel Aviv if they were not trying to cover their tracks?

In March 2014, I posted a very important terrorism-prevention story that revealed that a near-identical twin of the missing Malaysian plane, that was Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, was sitting in a hangar in Tel Aviv.  

The article, "Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?" pointed out, with photos and documentation, that a plane, very similar to the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft, that had been obtained by a Florida-based company called GA Telesis for dismantling in the United States, was actually being kept secretly in a hangar in Israel. What, pray tell, was a plane, nearly identical to the missing MH370, doing in an Israeli hangar?

Because this was such a suspicious and ominous development that clearly had the very real potential to become another 9/11-type attack, I delved further into the questions surrounding this mysterious plane in Israel and its relationship with the missing MH370 in a series of articles:

"Why is a Twin of the Missing MH370 in a Hangar in Israel?" 
- April 18, 2014

"Was MH370 Hijacked thru Remote Access to its Computer System?" 
- April 24, 2014

"Was MH370 a U.S./Israeli False Flag Operation?" 
- April 30, 2014

I wrote and called GA Telesis several times to try and get an explanation why they had given the plane a new registration number, N105GT, and then flown it to Israel - months after it had been slated for dismantling in the United States?  The company, however, refused to provide any explanation.  

Now, months later, GA Telesis comes out with a back-dated press release that they slipped into their archives.  It is clear, however, that this is a fabricated press release, crafted long after the Israeli twin was exposed on this website. The fraudulent press release does not appear in the Internet archives of the GA Telesis website from December 1, 2013.  GA Telesis has been caught in a crude attempt trying to create a plausible history for the Israeli twin of MH370. Why would they be posting this after-the-fact press release now if they did not publish it when the plane was actually sent to Israel?

Here is the fabricated press release that was back-dated to October 4, 2013, and slipped into the archives:


The following screen-shot shows how GA Telesis inserted the fabricated press release, dated October 4, 2013, into the archives between one from August 21 and another from October 11:


The Internet archive capture from December 1, 2013, clearly shows that there was no press release dated October 4, 2013, about the Malaysia Airlines twin being sent to Israel - until quite recently, that is:


The fact that GA Telesis created a fraudulent and back-dated press release to try and provide a plausible cover story for the Israeli twin of MH370 shows that they are trying to remove suspicion from a very suspicious plane and chain of events.  It tells me that they are trying to cover their tracks - and have now been caught doing so. 

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