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The Mysterious Final Load from Ground Zero

September 8, 2019

The following is an email about a mysterious final load that was removed from the World Trade Center in July 2002 when the clean-up of Ground Zero ended. I sent this email to the Lawyers' Committee and Richard Gage earlier this year.  

To:  Lawyers' Committee President David R. Meiswinkle J.D., Mick Harrison, Richard Gage

March 24, 2019

RE:  The Mysterious Final Load from Ground Zero

Messrs Meiswinkle, Harrison, and Gage,

I spoke to you about this matter briefly and want to give you more information about the "final load" that was taken from the clean-up site of the World Trade Center in the summer of 2002.  I have tried many times to reach the two people involved in this operation without luck. 

The tip for this story came from a truck driver who worked for Logano Trucking at the time.

At the end of the clean-up operation at the WTC, the office of Logano Trucking was asked to bring a special container (50 cu. yards) for a hazardous material load to be taken to the CWMC hazardous material disposal site near Model City, NY.


This was an unusual load because a young executive from Logano Trucking went with to NYC and back with the load.  Her name is Lindsay Kelly and she still works with the company, which is now known as RED Technologies.  She works with asbestos and hazardous material orders.  She would have been about 21 in 2001 and it was very unusual that she went with to get this "live load" to be taken to upstate New York.


The driver for this load was Richard Gamberale from East Hampton, Conn. who has a listed phone number, but has not answered at that number.  According to the driver, Gamberale and Kelly stayed in NYC overnight and drove the load to upstate NY to the CWMC near Niagara Falls in the morning.

This seems to have been a very special load because, according to my source, an asbestos load would have been taken to a closer disposal site in Trenton, NJ, and also due to the fact that Ms Kelly went with on this job.  Why did she go with?

What was the nature of this load and why was it taken to a hazardous disposal site?  I think it may have been the solidified molten metal that was left over from the hot-spots that were hotter than boiling iron.  These solidified pools of molten metal would have had to be disposed of in a secure manner so they would not be seen or photographed by reporters.  By classifying them as hazardous waste the cover-up team would have secured their secret disposal.

I have tried to reach Lindsay Kelly many times at RED Tech. LLC, but she has never come to the phone and seems to be avoiding me.  Richard Gamberale seems to be out-of-town and is probably engaged in NASCAR racing with the Logano family, which is involved in the sport.

The material may have been mixed with concrete and put in a slot in the disposal site.

Short of bringing that material up and out of its burial site, there are several things to investigate:

Contact Lindsay Kelly and Richard Gamberale to get their stories.

Find out who was in charge of placing the order for the hazardous pick-up and getting their side of the story.

Get a copy of the bill of lading or waybill.

I think this may be how they disposed of the physical evidence that needed to be hidden because it could not be explained by the official story.

Submitted by Christopher Bollyn

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