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The Mystery of the Landing Gear on Park Place

Updated May 3, 2013
Added weight of piece (255 lbs) and comments on NYPD rope story

The discovery of a piece of a 'landing gear' from a Boeing 767 in a narrow space between two buildings near the World Trade Center is a mystery. What aircraft is the piece from and how did it get there are two of the first questions that need to be answered.

The 4 to 5 foot long piece of landing gear with rope strung through it was found in an 18-inch wide alley between 51 Park Place and 50 Murray Street. The location of the piece and the rope suggest that the piece was lowered into place from above.

The location of the landing gear is about 4 blocks Northeast of the South Tower. 

A landing gear from the airplane that struck the South Tower supposedly landed on a building on Park Place although photographs of the part in situ (as it was found) and the damage to the building have not been seen. The alley where the piece was found runs crosswise to the trajectory of the landing gear.

A piece of landing gear on display at the New York State Museum in Albany. This piece is said to have been found in the basement of a building on Park Place although no photographs of the piece showing it as it was found have been shown to the public. This means that the piece crashed through at least 5 floors before landing in the basement. Why would the photographs of the damaged building and piece in situ be withheld?

The white-hot burning piece seen here is thought to have hit the building on Park Place. The fact that it is burning white-hot and leaving a dark trail indicates that it is burning at an extremely hot temperature. This object has the characteristics of burning uranium and may be the warhead from the missile that was carried in a pod beneath the plane. It was apparently fired just before impact to open up the building and detonate the explosives that had been placed on the floor. Is the piece of landing gear on display in Albany really this object? Why would it be burning white-hot? For more on this read my article "The 'Huge Bullet Hole' in the South Tower and Analysis of Missile Evidence."

The discovery of a piece of Boeing landing gear in an empty space between two buildings near the World Trade Center raises a number of questions. The suspicion that the piece had been planted was raised in the earliest reports of the discovery. The New York police have admitted that it may very well have been lowered into the space:

"We are also looking at the possibility that it was lowered by a rope," said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. "We are not ruling it out...there’s a rope that is intertwined in the part itself." NBC New York reports that Kelly noted that "there were no marks on the buildings indicating the piece hit the walls on the way down. 'It would have had to fall down at a certain angle,' [he] said."

It should be noted that this piece is probably quite heavy and dense and would have been traveling with a great deal of inertia behind it. The alley that it was found in is roughly perpendicular to the direction the piece would have been flying if it came from the plane that struck the South Tower. This means that it would have had to hit the back wall of the Murray Street building to lose its forward momentum, which would have most likely broken the wall. As Police Commissioner Kelly says, "there were no marks on the buildings."

There are a number of questions that need to be answered about this piece of landing gear:

What aircraft did it come from? Are there any time-tracked numbered parts that would identify the aircraft it is from?

How did it get into the tight space between the building without leaving significant damage and marks as it came flying into the building with great momentum?

Who will take charge of the investigation?  The New York Police Department or the F.B.I.?

Will this discovery result in the F.B.I. releasing the photographs of the 9-11 damage that occurred to buildings on Park Place? What objects from the aircraft caused the damage and where are the photographs of them? 


An April 29 Newsday article entitled "Officials: Aircraft part found near Ground Zero not landing gear" raises new questions about the aircraft part found behind 51 Park Place near the World Trade Center:

According to the Newsday article, the aircraft part has been identified as part of a wing flap control system. Boeing officials said the piece was part of a flap actuation support structure from a Boeing 767.

Newsday reported that the NYPD "clarified" why a piece of rope was found on the flap support. When police first responded to reports of the wreckage last week they used the rope to move it to look for a serial number or other identifiers, officials said. The piece reportedly weighs 255 pounds (about 116 kg). How could a NYPD police officer even think that he could move such a massive piece? Would that not be tampering with evidence at a crime scene? Is this just a convenient cover story to explain the presence of the rope?

Question: How is it that the police commissioner did not know this story about the rope when he made his comments to the press? He told the press, "We are also looking at the possibility that it was lowered by a rope."

The Newsday article, like others before it, says it is impossible to say for certain from which plane the 5-foot-tall piece came from. Videos of the south tower being hit during the attack showed a fiery explosion and an ejection of debris that appeared to go a few blocks north of Ground Zero.

Question: Which plane? 51 Park Place is several hundred meters from the Twin Towers. The location of the piece on Park Place is about 450 meters (1,476 feet) from the nearest wall of the former South Tower and about 350 meters (1,148 feet) from the North Tower. It is, therefore, highly unlikely, if not impossible, that this piece came from the plane that struck the North Tower. It did not bounce back from the building 1,000 feet nor was it thrown that far by the explosive demolition of the tower. If this piece came from either plane it must have come from the plane that struck the South Tower.

The Newsday article concluded saying that once sifting is completed the NYPD's emergency services unit will remove the flap support and keep it at the department's property storage facility, said spokesman Paul Browne.

Question: Will there not be a complete forensic examination of this piece to determine which aircraft it came from? If not, why not? Why have the time-tracked parts on the other pieces of aircraft found near the World Trade Center not been shown to the public? Are we to assume that the time-tracked parts have not been examined to determine which aircraft they were installed on and when?

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