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The Myth of Limited Warfare with Iran

April 7, 2012

James Petras has written an excellent article, which should be read by all Americans, about the serious and likely consequences of Israeli-American aggression against Iran.  Dr. Petras’ article is entitled“U.S.-Israel War on Iran: The Myth of Limited Warfare”

I have copied a few extracts from the article below. I recommend reading this important article in its entirety. The very same Zionist madmen who brought us 9-11, e.g. Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and Shimon Peres, are now trying to bring us World War III. 

The soon-to-be released film Battleship, produced by the Zionist-owned Hasbro company, aims to prime the public with the cinematic ideation that we are heading for an era of naval battles - and losses at sea.  The subtitle of the Zionist produced film is "The battle for Earth begins at sea."  This film is clearly meant to prepare the public for a major war - with severe losses - to be largely waged at sea by the U.S. Navy.  In reality, the alien combatant will be the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Battleship movie is a Zionist war propaganda film disguised as entertainment.  The film is produced by Hasbro, a Zionist-owned company.  For more on Alan Batkin, the Zionist agent running Hasbro, read my articles "The Zionist Gang that Bankrupted General Motors" and False Flag Alert - Will a U.S. Navy Ship be Attacked in the Persian Gulf? 

A war with Iran would pit the U.S. Navy against Iranian military forces from Day One and could result is U.S. ships being sunk with huge losses.  The U.S. Fifth Fleet is based on the tiny Persian Gulf island of Bahrain, which is politically unstable.

MOSSAD THE PROPHET - Arnon Milchan, Mossad's senior agent in Hollywood, produced The Medusa Touch, a film in which he depicted a passenger airliner crashing into a skyscraper - in 1978.  Later, in 2000, Milchan's business partner Rupert Murdoch used Milchan's idea in a very similar film made for television, The Lone Gunmen, in which a remotely-controlled hijacked airliner was flown into the World Trade Center.  Such prophetic films are designed to create the ideation and prime the public for a plot that is already in the works.  Arnon Milchan is another senior Israeli agent who should be arrested and interrogated about his prior knowledge of the 9-11 plot.

Dr. Petras is certainly not exaggerating when he describes the serious consequences of an ill-advised attack on Iran.  Here are some extracts from Dr. Petras latest article:

When the US and Israel talk of war, prepare for war and engage in pre-war provocations – they intend to go to war – just as they did against Iraq in 2003…

American and Israeli strategic policy makers do not agree on the consequences of Iran’s retaliation against an attack. For their part, the Israeli leaders minimize Iran’s military capacity to attack and damage the Jewish state, which is their only consideration. They count on their distance, their anti-missile shield and protection from US air and naval forces in the Gulf to cover their sneak attack. On the other hand, US military strategists know the Iranians are capable of inflicting substantial casualties on US warships, which would have to attack Iranian coastal installations in order to support or protect the Israelis…

Washington and Tel Aviv claim and appear to believe that their planned assault on Iran will be a “limited war”, targeting limited objectives and lasting a few days or weeks – with no serious consequences. We are told Israel’s brilliant generals have identified all the critical nuclear research facilities, which their surgical air strikes will eliminate without horrific collateral damage to the surrounding population. Once the alleged ‘nuclear weapons’ program is destroyed, all Israelis can resume their lives in full security knowing that another ‘existential’ threat has been eliminated. The Israeli notion of a war, limited in ‘time and space’, is absurd and dangerous – and underlines the arrogance, stupidity and racism of its authors…

The first wave of US-Israeli attacks will lead to ferocious retaliation, which will not be confined to the original areas of conflict, nor will any such act of Israeli aggression end when and if Iran’s nuclear research facilities are destroyed and some of its scientists, technicians and skilled workers are killed. The war will continue in time and extend geographically…

Given Israeli-US supremacy in long and medium range sea and air power, Iran will probably rely on short-range objectives. These would include the highly valued US military facilities and supply routes in adjoining terrain (Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan) and Israeli targets with missiles launched from Southern Lebanon and possibly Syria. If a few Iranian long-range missiles escape the Jewish State’s much vaunted ‘anti-missile dome’, Israeli population centers may pay a heavy price for their leaders’ recklessness and arrogance…

Iran, faced with imminent destruction of its entire economy and infrastructure (which occurred in neighboring Iraq with the unprovoked US invasion of 2003), would retaliate by blocking the Straits of Hormuz and sending short range missiles in the direction of the principle oil fields and refineries of the Gulf States including Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, a mere 10 minute distance, crippling the flow of oil to Europe, Asia and the United States and plunging the world economy into deep depression…

Israel’s pathological ‘superiority complex’ results in its racist leaders consistently overestimating their own intellectual, technical and military capabilities, while underestimating the knowledge, capacity and courage of their regional, Islamic (in this case Iranian) adversaries. They ignore Iran’s proven capacity to sustain a prolonged, complex multi-front defensive war and to recover from an initial assault and develop appropriate modern weaponry to inflict severe damage on its attackers…

War, especially an Israeli-US war against Iran is indissolubly linked to the asymmetrical US-Israeli relationship, which sidelines and censors any critical US military and political analysis. Because Israel’s Zionist power configuration in the US can now harness US military power in support of Israel’s drive for regional dominance, Israeli leaders and most of their military feel free to engage in the most outrageous military and destructive adventures, knowing full well that in the first and last instance they can rely on the US to support them with American blood and treasure. But after all of this grotesque servitude to a racist, isolated country, who will rescue the United States? Who will prevent the sinking of its ships in the Gulf and the death and maiming of hundreds of its sailors and thousands of its soldiers? And where will the Israelis and US Zionists be when Iraq is overrun by elite Iranian troops and their Iraqi Shia allies and a generalized uprising occurs in Afghanistan?

… How cheap has it become to ‘buy a war’ in the US? For a mere few million dollars in campaign contributions to corrupt politicians, and through the deliberate penetration of Israel-First agents, academics and politicians into the war-making machinery of the US government, and through the moral cowardice and self-censorship of leading critics, writers and journalists who refuse to name Israel and its agents as the key decision makers in our country’s Mid East policy, we head directly toward a war far beyond any regional military conflagration and toward the collapse of the world economy and the brutal impoverishment of hundreds of millions of people North and South, East and West.

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