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XII - The Nexus Linking 9/11 and the Financial Crisis

 Chapter XII 

The Nexus Linking 9-11 and the Financial Crisis

The financial crisis of 2008, like 9/11, did not simply fall out of the sky.  Both 9/11 and the financial melt-down are the results of decades of planning and preparation.  President Clinton's denial of responsibility for the economic crisis notwithstanding, it was his administration, indeed, his special adviser, the Israeli son-of-a-terrorist Rahm Emanuel, who took credit for single-handedly pushing the economically treasonous NAFTA bill through Congress.  That a president from the pro-labor Democrat party would support a bill designed to destroy the jobs of millions of working Americans as it devastated the
U.S. manufacturing sector is something that the mainstream media has never addressed.

Rahm Emanuel is credited with getting the unpopular and disastrous NAFTA bill passed.

What America reaped in 2009 were the real economic consequences of the "giant sucking sound" that the anti-NAFTA candidate Ross Perot warned of during the presidential debates of 1992.  Seventeen years later, however, no one is laughing about Perot's phrase that he used to describe what NAFTA and other free trade agreements would do to the American economy.  Americans are now suffering from having accepted the big lie about NAFTA and "free trade" with China.  Ross Perot was absolutely right about how NAFTA and other "free-trade" policies would destroy America's prosperity by devastating our manufacturing sector. 

Millions of U.S. jobs were exported as American companies moved their factories to Mexico, China, and elsewhere as a result of the disastrous free trade policies enacted during the Clinton administrations.  The "Made in America" label, a symbol of quality and pride, is seldom found on clothing, shoes, and other products in American stores.  Original American products like blue jeans and Converse sneakers are no longer even made in the United States.

Since the passage of NAFTA, the "Made in the USA" label is seldom found on clothes and shoes sold in American stores.

As an anti-NAFTA independent candidate, H. Ross Perot ran a valiant campaign to protect American jobs, the U.S. manufacturing sector, and our national prosperity.  Bill Clinton, however, won the election -- and the American people lost.  The ever increasing trade deficits suffered since the early 1990's are the clearest evidence that America's wealth has been sucked out of the nation at an incredible rate.  Ross Perot was right:  the U.S. dream could not be sustained solely by the service sector.  I wonder if they still teach that lie in American universities.  Perhaps they will rediscover the wisdom of the writings of the founding fathers, such as Alexander Hamilton on the importance of manufacturing and the economic causes of the American Revolution. 

H. Ross Perot

Behind such massive criminal hoaxes as the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11, the ongoing financial crises, and the government bailouts are years of planning and preparation by high-level criminal organizations.  Such immense crimes are designed to steal huge amounts of money, shape public opinion, and facilitate drastic changes in society and government.  The so-called "War on Terror," the PATRIOT ACT, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the trillion-dollar bailouts and stimulus bills are all examples of such pre-planned responses.  Fear is the primary tool used by the controlled media and corrupt politicians to force these pre-planned radical changes onto the skeptical and patriotic public. 


Maurice Greenberg, who is tied to the culprits of 9/11, is the head of the criminal insurance company A.I.G., which eventually received more than $180 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds from the government bailout of 2008-2009.  The first plane that struck the World Trade Center flew straight into the secure computer room of Marsh, a company run by his son Jeffrey.  Is this just a coincidence? 

Who is behind such huge lies and massive hoaxes?  While some of the key culprits behind the current financial crisis are known, for example Bernard Madoff and Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G., there has been no investigation by the mainstream media of the criminal networks they operate within.  On the other hand, there has been a great deal of discussion by the media about the alleged Islamic network behind 9/11.  The accepted but unproven version of events, which has been promoted without question by the media, is that Al Qaida, a non-state entity supposedly headed by Osama Bin Laden, with the support of some state actors, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, planned and carried out the 9/11 terror attacks for some reason which has yet to be articulated by the perpetrators - or explained by the U.S. government.

Osama Bin Laden said he had nothing to do with 9-11.  The discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center proves that the culprits were high-tech wizards with nano-technology - not Islamic fighters from Afghanistan.

From the day of 9/11, President George W. Bush told the world that Al Qaida had destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon because it hated America's democratic freedoms, as if that makes any sense. According to the unproven claims made by the Bush administration and distributed by the controlled media, an anti-democratic Islamic faction from poor and undemocratic lands had committed the 9/11 terror atrocity in order to start a war between the Islamic world and the western democracies, headed by the United States.

President George W. Bush learned of the terror attacks while reading in a Florida classroom.  He spent the next 7 years promoting the myth that Muslim terrorists had attacked the United States because they hated American freedoms.

Incredibly hot fires, hotter than the boiling point of iron, inexplicably raged beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center for more than three months as the physical evidence of demolition was furtively being removed and destroyed with the connivance of the U.S. government (specifically the criminal division of the Department of Justice headed by the Israeli-American Michael Chertoff).  The Bush administration showed a callous disregard for starting an independent blue ribbon investigation of the worst terror attack in U.S. history as it eagerly took up the gauntlet against Afghanistan, governed by the Islamic Taliban.  The pre-planned U.S. military response, the so-called "War on Terror," commenced before the fires were even extinguished at the World Trade Center.

Extremely persistent fires -- hotter than the boiling point of iron -- burned beneath the rubble for nearly 4 months after 9/11. The thermitic reactions that produced these fires created smoke particles in the nano-size range, creating a serious health hazard for people in New York City.

The "War on Terror" is actually part of a long-planned Zionist strategy to dominate the Middle East.  This strategy was first articulated by the extreme right-wing Israeli politician Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party in the mid-1980s.  This radical Zionist plan became U.S. policy in the aftermath of 9/11 and has been the rationale for at least five ongoing wars in the region:  Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen. 

At the beginning of his term President Obama ordered 17,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, whence the terrorists of 9-11 supposedly came, at least according to the government's accepted myth about Bin Laden and his twenty hijackers.  Obama's strategy to expand and prolong this disastrous military campaign is extremely ill-advised.  The Soviet Union had a land border with Afghanistan, more troops in the country, and killed more than a million people — and still lost the war.  How, or what, does Obama possibly expect to win?

Yet, the fundamental question remains:  who really carried out 9/11?  This is the key point where the official story diverges from the path of the evidence.  It is also the basic question of culpability where "truth seekers" disagree.  The U.S. government, which confiscated and destroyed tons of evidence, is actually holding the person alleged to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the "mastermind of 9/11," but refuses to put him on trial in the United States.  How very odd.  At the same time, grieving 9/11 relatives were denied a trial to determine who was responsible for their losses for more than 10 years.  In 2011, with only one family left in the 9/11 tort litigation, the Israeli-owned passenger screening company who allegedly allowed nineteen Arabs with knives onto the aircraft was dismissed from the lawsuit.

The person said to be the "mastermind of 9-11" has been denied due process in a gulag in Cuba.

Meanwhile, real evidence of Israeli involvement in the events of 9/11 has been completely ignored by the government and media, as if it did not exist or had no relevance to the crime.  I have examined and investigated these leads since September 2001.  My investigation has revealed a complex corporate and financial network in which high-level Zionists and Israeli intelligence agents have long operated in the United States and beyond. 

Within this network the connections of Zionists and Israelis to both 9/11 and the current financial crisis can clearly be seen.  In the chapter "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9/11" some of the key individuals and companies in this corporate network and their connection to the events of 9/11 are discussed. 

The first plane flew directly into the secure computer room of Marsh, a company run by the son of Maurice Greenberg.  The white cloud coming from the Marsh computer room on the east side of the tower is strongly indicative of a thermitic explosion. Lewis "Jerry" Bremer, a long-standing associate of Henry Kissinger and Marsh employee became the first head of U.S.-occupied and oil-rich Iraq.  It is highly unlikely that these connections are all merely coincidental.

While the huge U.S. government bailout was being considered and planned in the fall of 2008, I pointed out that some of the same individuals and entities, such as Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G., were involved in the financial crisis at the highest level.  A.I.G., for example, a dodgy insurance company that has long engaged in criminal practices, received more than $180 billion of U.S. tax-payer funds.  As I pointed out in the chapter and articles about the bailout, the key people behind the bailout - Ben Shalom Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, for example, are dedicated Zionists with histories of working with the Zionist criminal network.  In Bernanke's case, he had worked for Alan Heller Schafer, the well-known Jewish criminal and political boss who ran a sprawling roadside gambling and drinking establishment called South of the Border. 

Bernanke's boss Schafer was later convicted of rigging elections in South Carolina and sentenced to three and a half years in federal prison.  As I concluded in my article about Bernanke's ties to Schafer, it is simply not credible that Bernanke, a student at Harvard, was unaware of Schafer's legendary criminality. 

The so-called "mainstream media," outlets such as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, CNN, and FOX News, however, will never investigate the connections of the Zionist corporate network with 9/11 or the financial crisis because they are part of the same network.  This is how the Zionist-controlled media works:  they shield Zionist crooks by blaming others.  This is also why CNN and FOX sought to smear me as an anti-Semite rather than discuss the evidence of 9/11. 

The situation with the Zionist bankers and corrupt Israeli banks like Israel Discount Bank of New York is exactly like that depicted in The International, the film about a corrupt bank which profits from Middle East weapons deals and war debt.  As the Italian weapons dealer turned politician said: "It's not about the profits from the weapon deals; it's about control."  Debt is the banker's instrument of control. 

It is a fairly daunting undertaking for an independent journalist to investigate the sprawling criminal network behind such huge crimes.  Apart from the very real dangers it presents, it requires a great deal of research.  I have paid a very high price for my 9/11 research and activism and seen the lives and careers of fellow truth seekers destroyed because they dared to challenge the audacious lies imposed on the public mind.

Christopher Bollyn, the author, was attacked by undercover police in front of his wife and child at his home in August 2006.  He suffered a broken elbow and a 50,000 volt "drive stun" TASER shock applied directly to his lower back while handcuffed and held down by two men - one kneeling on the temple of his head.
The Hoffman Estates police destroyed the videos (despite a FOIA request and their obvious importance as evidence) of the attack and maliciously prosecuted Bollyn for attacking three heavily armed men wearing body armor - on his property.  A Zionist judge named Hyman I. Riebman oversaw the flawed trial in which the police and the witness for the prosecution gave testimony that was clearly contradictory.  Bollyn's expert witness and evidence was not admitted.  Found guilty of two misdemeanors and facing sentencing by the same judge, Bollyn left the United States in June 2007.

Here I present a facet of the corporate nexus behind 9/11 and the financial crisis to illustrate the high-level Zionist network involved in both crises.  This network is not simple; it is rather complex and spans a period of several decades.  To help introduce this fairly complicated subject, I am presenting it as I discovered it. 


Shortly after 9/11 a woman named Indira Singh came forward with claims that a Massachusetts-based enterprise software company called Ptech had played a key role in the events of 9/11.  In 2002, Singh was described in the Boston press as "a former Ptech consultant." 

Indira Singh began her career at First Boston in the mid-1970s when mortgage-based securities were first developed by Laurence D. Fink, now CEO of BlackRock.

Singh, said to be a risk architect and Information Technology (IT) professional with JP Morgan, certainly knew a great deal about Ptech and its dodgy spy software, which had reportedly been loaded onto the most critical computer networks in the U.S. government prior to 9/11. A Boston Globe article from 7 December 2002 described Singh as "a former Ptech consultant," citing an interview she had done with WBZ-TV: 

Singh said last night in an interview on WBZ that she told the FBI "in no uncertain terms" about the connection between Ptech and [Yasin al] Qadi. She said that weeks after talking to the Boston FBI, she was ‘'shocked" and "frustrated" to learn that the FBI still had not alerted any of the government agencies using Ptech software that there were questions about the company's ties to suspected terrorist fund-raisers. 

Indira Singh, the former Ptech consultant turned whistleblower, sought to put the blame on Arabs and the CIA.  The essence of Singh's 9/11 presentation was that the people behind Ptech were Arab Moslems tied to Saudi financiers of terrorism and a rogue element within the CIA, which included Vice President Dick Cheney.  Singh later did a series of interviews with Jamey A. Hecht, editor of From the Wilderness (FTW), a website that featured material written by Mike Ruppert.  In these interviews Singh discussed Ptech's enterprise software, how it could have been used to manipulate data on critical government computer networks such as the FAA, NORAD, and U.S. Air Force, and who she thought was behind the company: 

Hecht:  You said at the 9-11 Citizens' Commission hearings, you mentioned - its on page 139 of transcript - that Ptech was with Mitre Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9-11 and their specific job was to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force, in case of an emergency. 

Singh: Yes, I have a good diagram for that… 

Jamey Hecht: And that relationship had been going on mediated by Ptech for two years prior to 9-11. You elsewhere say that the Secret Service is among the government entities that had a contract with Ptech.  Mike Ruppert's thesis in Crossing the Rubicon, as you know, is that the software that was running information between FAA and NORAD was superseded by a parallel subsuming version of itself that was being run by the Secret Service on state of the art parallel equipment in the PEOC with a nucleus of Secret Service personnel around Cheney. 

Singh claimed that Ptech was connected to the CIA and Saudi millionaires, using terminology like "blowback," a term that is not commonly used:  "Ptech had all the markings," said Indira Singh. All the markings of a CIA front company.  "I think there is a CIA within the CIA," Indira told FTW. "I think there is a Shadow CIA that does the Iran-Contra type of things — they get funding from illicit methods–and that the Saudis are in on it. They might have trained some operatives, and later it backfired - it was blowback within blowback, perhaps." 

In one of the FTW articles about Ptech by Michael Kane, a list of three suspect groups is presented: the Muslim Brotherhood, Christian Cultists, and Nazis.  Kane describes Ptech as "the Alpha dog" in a relationship with Mitre, but the ownership of Mitre is never discussed.  Elsewhere, Vice President Dick Cheney is named as a suspect, depicted as the mastermind single-handedly running the whole show: 

Ptech was working with Mitre Corp. in the FAA and, according to Indira, Ptech was the Alpha dog in that relationship. Mitre has provided simulation and testing technologies for the Navy. They provide multiple FAA technologies and boast in their annual reports that their two biggest clients are DOD and FAA. Mitre knew the FAA's technological enterprise inside and out, including any simulation-and-testing (war game) technology operated by the FAA. 

This was the perfect marriage to ensure that the capacity to covertly intervene in FAA operations on 9/11 existed - in the middle of simulated war games. It is also the perfect marriage to ensure that the command and control of these capabilities was readily available to Dick Cheney via Secret Service Ptech software in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, the bunker to which Cheney was "rushed" by the Secret Service. As already pointed out in Part 1 of this series, Ptech does what Total Information Awareness (TIA, the DARPA program to monitor all electronic transactions in real-time) is supposed to do.  There are an undetermined number of other software programs in the hands of an undetermined number of corporations also capable of this. Again, enterprise architecture software is designed with the express purpose of knowing everything that is going on throughout the entirety of the "enterprise" in real-time. 

In the case of Ptech software, installed on White House, Secret Service, Air Force and FAA systems (as well as most American military agencies), the enterprise included all of the real-time data of the above mentioned agencies.

Jamey Hecht, senior editor of From the Wilderness

Hecht, senior editor of the FTW website, described Ptech as a den of thieves and murderers in the introduction to "Ptech, 9-11, and USA-Saudi Terror" (2005): 

The human side of Ptech is where the thievery and murder come in: among the financiers and programmers of Ptech are apparent members of an international network of organized criminals involved in decades of narcotraffic, gunrunning, money laundering, and terrorism. Their personal and professional connections reach up into the highest levels of the American government, and their activities are still underway. 

But who are these financiers and programmers of Ptech?  Who are the "apparent members of an international network of organized criminals involved in decades of narcotraffic, gunrunning, money laundering, and terrorism?" 

What Hecht, Kane, and Singh overlooked in their investigation of Ptech was the conspicuous role played by Michael Goff, a Zionist Jewish lawyer from Worcester, Massachusetts, who had suddenly left his law practice to manage Ptech, a start-up company headed by a Lebanese Muslim.  How much sense does that make?  Not much, unless of course one considers the idea that Ptech was an Israeli-controlled cut-out operation from the beginning. 

Michael Goff was the first marketing and general manager of Ptech.  He went on to work for Guardium, an enterprise software company owned and operated by Israeli military intelligence.  Goff wore many hats at the new company as Ptech's spy software found its way onto the most critical networks of the U.S. government.  Goff, who was Ptech's first marketing manager, was also responsible for the procurement of all software for a company that supposedly wrote enterprise software.  He was also responsible for the hiring and training of personnel.  As I pointed out in my 2005 exposé about Ptech, Goff went on to represent Guardium, an Israeli software company founded and run by members of Israeli military intelligence. 

Goff was clearly not just a simple Jewish lawyer who wanted to help a Lebanese immigrant promote his software company.  This is probably why Goff could not tell me the name of the agency which had placed him with Ptech; the agency was most likely a branch of Israeli military intelligence. In that case, how do Hecht and Singh fit in?  Who are they and who do they really work for in their apparent disinformation campaign? 

The evidence indicates that Ptech was disguised to look Arab-owned, but was actually run by Israeli intelligence.  Goff was Israel's point man within the company and the person who hired the right people and through whom the Israeli-manipulated software became Ptech enterprise software.  Goff appears to have been the conduit, the personal link through which malicious Israeli spyware was loaded onto U.S. government computers.  Hecht, Ruppert, and Singh were apparently tasked as spin-masters to pin the blame on Arabs and a nebulous cabal at the CIA in order to distract investigators from the Israeli connection to Ptech. 

How else could it be that Singh, Hecht, and Kane only saw Arabs and rogue CIA agents running Ptech without noticing Mike Goff, the Jewish lawyer from Worchester, Massachusetts, who played so many key roles running Ptech from the beginning?  How is it that Singh knew so much about Ptech – but absolutely nothing about Michael Goff?  Goff's name was on Ptech documents, after all.  Were Singh, Hecht, Kane, and Ruppert intentionally spreading disinformation about Ptech?  This appears to have been the case.  But who were they working for?

Jamey Hecht (on left) with Michael Ruppert and the FTW crew
in New York, May 2006. Hecht was Assistant Managing Editor and Senior Staff Writer of the FTW website from 2003-2006. Mike Ruppert is kneeling; Michael Kane is fifth from left.  Jenna Orkin (in pink) is the daughter of a Jewish Hollywood producer known as "The Mighty Ork".  She lobbied unsuccessfully to keep the author off Jimmy Walter's 9/11 Truth Tour in Europe, and then used fear tactics to prevent him from speaking in Vienna.  Who were these disinfo agents really working for?


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