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The Problem with Israel

October 17, 2012

And then you've got the Israeli army, which I like to refer to as one of the most... one of the best-trained, best-equipped, best-fed terrorist organizations in the world.  And, yes, they have generals and they have nice uniforms, but their entire purpose... their entire purpose is terrorism. 

Zionism, just like racism, has to go.  The Zionist state has to be replaced with democracy, equal rights.
- Miko Peled, son of a famous Israeli general, speaking in Seattle, October 1, 2012

The real problem with Israel is that most Americans really don't understand what this state that they are supporting with billions of taxdollars every year is all about.  This is mainly because Israel is completely misrepresented by the controlled media as being "our only democratic ally" in the Middle East.  Most Christians mix mythology with reality and confuse the modern state of Israel with the Biblical Israel they hear so much about in their churches.  Students, academics, and journalists are ignorant of Zionism and the brutal history of the modern state of Israel because it is a censored history that is not taught, even at our best universities.  Our craven and venal politicians are completely unable to resist the power and influence of the Israeli lobby because to do so would be political suicide.

Along comes Miko Peled, an Israeli whose father was one of the first generals of the Zionist state, who played a part in the crucial wars and campaigns of ethnic cleansing that created the state of Israel.  Miko Peled was born and raised in Israel and went through the intense Zionist indoctrination that all Israelis go through.  As he says, his first struggle was to break through the Zionist mindset and to see Palestinians as human beings with the same God-given rights as Jews.  It was not until he was 39 years old that Peled, an Israeli from Jerusalem, first met with Palestinians after his 13-year-old niece had been killed in a terror bombing. 

Peled is quite unlike other Israelis that most Americans will ever see or hear because he is an intelligent and articulate person who has broken out of the Zionist deception and is now bravely speaking out about Israel.  In doing so he disabuses Americans of the persistent myths and half-truths about Israel as he explains in plain English the unpleasant truth about the Zionist state.  This is the truth that Americans, both Jews and Gentiles alike, need to hear and it is well worth the time to listen to the following 45-minute speech that Peled gave in a church in Seattle on October 1, 2012.  With hundreds of thousands of Americans stationed in the Middle East and with "our ally", the extremist Israeli regime, constantly fomenting war and terrorism, it is high time that Americans understand what Israel is really all about.

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