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URGENT- The Remedy to Protect the Iowa Caucus Results

By Christopher Bollyn
1 January 2008

There is very little time before the Iowa Caucus and there is an urgent need to get this information into the hands of the people who will be participating in the Iowa caucus.

I am sorry that my information about how the caucus results were cooked by the use of the Voxeo telephone tallying system in 2004 have not reached a very large audience.

I will be writing a longer article very soon explaining how the Israeli military through their company Elron Electronic controlled the tally process of the Iowa caucus in 2004. This forthcoming article will serve as an object lesson in how the Israeli military has waged a high-tech war against the American government, military, and republic. They blind-sided the military on 9-11 -- literally. They control the election results around the nation; all this has been done through their software that runs on the most critical computer networks in the United States. Israelis are very big in "enterprise software." Most amazing how all the directors are high level military men.

What to Do

Now, however, it is urgently required that the people of Iowa prepare themselves to protect the caucus. As far as I can see, there is only one way this can be done.

The participants in the caucus need to record the results and report them to the public, to each other, and the independent media directly. There needs to be an Internet site where each caucus result can be recorded - independently of the Voxeo telephone voice system.

This is the only way to guarantee the results that are reported later are correct. This is of the utmost importance to the voter in Iowa - and the nation as a whole.

The way the Iowa caucus results were cooked in 2004 was very simple. Each caucus center dialed in their results to the Voxeo call center in Atlanta. At this point the data could be manipulated to guarantee a victory for John Forbes Kerry, who was trailing in 5th place going into the caucus.

The Israeli-controlled Voxeo company was in possession of the data before it was returned to the Des Moines caucus headquarters. This is how the results were fixed. It is precisely the same way that election results are cooked around the country on Election Night.

The recording devices, the electronic voting machines and the network they are connected to, are in possession of the results and able to manipulate the data -- before they are returned to election headquarters around the nation.

So, in each of the nearly 2,000 caucus centers around the state of Iowa there need to be as many people in each of those locations who will be willing to monitor the fairness of the caucus and then note down the results and report them to at least one independent group who will create an independent tally - to challenge the monopoly of the Voxeo tally system.

This is a big task. It will involve thousands of people, and there needs to be at least one person in each caucus location who will be willing to do this independent reporting.

Then there must be one or two organizations who will be willing to collect and tally the data from around the state. Needless to say, this needs to be done very quickly -- and very accurately. It would be best if there were several reporters from each caucus. Can this be arranged in the two days before the caucus?

This is the only way that I can see how the citizens of Iowa can protect the caucus results.

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by Christopher Bollyn

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