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How U.S. Military Intelligence Got Bollyn Banned from RMN

February 15, 2008

Note to Readers:

After 6 years, I have been permanently banned from posting on Rumor Mill News (RMN at ) after receiving email from a fictitious name writing from the U.S. Army Intelligence. The note began by specifically saying that the sender would recommend to Rayelan of RMN that I "not be allowed to post."

The note came from the home of U.S. Army Intelligence at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. The note, which came through the RMN website, was a rather incoherent response to my critical article about the republishing of the anti-Islamic cartoons in Denmark.

The writer at Fort Huachuca, using the fictitious name "Herb Lane," began his Valentine's Day note thusly:

Re: IS DENMARK BEING SET UP? Why a Nation Known for Pork is Attacking Islam

Personally I would recommend to Rayelan that you not be allowed to post.

I saw that this bizarre note was not really coming from a private citizen named "Herb Lane" but came from a U.S. military computer at the training center for U.S. Army Intelligence. As an American with a strong sense of the right of free speech, I was naturally incensed.

Valentine's Day is also my birthday and I understood this was my present from U.S. Army Intelligence, where Mark Lane of American Free Press also happened to begin his career.

I posted a quick note about this hate mail from U.S. Army Intelligence on Rumor Mill News under the title "Bollyn Receives Anti-Islamic Hate Mail from U.S. Army Intelligence."


The writer from Fort Huachuca exhibited the rabid anti-Islamic world view that has long contaminated the thinking of the U.S. military.

The writer from U.S. Army Intelligence is evidently on a first-name basis with Rayelan, who runs Rumor Mill News. In any case, Rayelan was very quick to heed his recommendation. Within hours of this posting I was permanently "decomissioned" from RMN.

When I discovered that I was unable to post on RMN, I wrote to Rayelan:

Dear Rayelan,

How odd. I am unable to log onto RMN the day after the U.S. Army Intelligence said I should be banned. Have I been banned from RMN? If not, how can I log on? Please advise.

Within hours I received this termination notice from Zapper, the webmaster at RMN:

...We appreciate your hard work and efforts over the years, even in the face of some pretty severe personal consequences you've endured.

The decision to decommision you, however, is final.
- Zapper

The whole story will be posted on my website on Monday, February 18.

Now for the urgent story about SSRI anti-depressants and the latest tragic school shooting, this time by my home in Illinois...

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