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Video of Israeli Massacre and Bombing of Ambulances

August 2, 2014

The following video shows what really happens when Israel bombs ambulances, which is a common and long-standing Israeli military practice.  This is, of course, a serious war crime - but Israel carries out such atrocities with impunity. Why is Israel never held accountable for its war crimes?

After an Israeli bomb attack, a crowd of people have gathered in Shujayya, near Gaza City, waiting for emergency medical help.  Three ambulances drive up, then, suddenly, the ambulances and the crowd are hit by one - or more missiles.  Many people are killed and severely wounded in the blast. Although it is very graphic, this video is highly recommended viewing because it shows the true face of the Zionist terror state of Israel. Americans need to realize what it means to support the criminal state of Israel. The planes, missiles, and bombs that Israel uses are made in America and paid for by the U.S. Taxpayer.

How can any human being support such evil?  There is, of course, absolutely NO excuse for such an atrocity.

The following link takes you to an excellent English-language page that has the video and comments from viewers: 

The original YouTube video with Arabic-language titles and comments is here:  

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