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Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon

August 26, 2011

The following 3-minute video contains footage of what appears to be a white missile-like object hitting the Pentagon on 9/11.  This video first appeared in September 2010 and I wrote about it at the time in this article.  The footage of the missile strike, if authentic, seems to come from a helicopter hovering near the Pentagon when it was struck.

In the video the white streaking object seems to approach from the inverse angle of what actually struck the Pentagon.  It may be that the image has been reversed but it doesn't seem to jibe with the direction seen in the ASCE Pentagon report.

Diagram from ASCE Pentagon report shows damaged columns.

The path of the missile through 6 exterior walls from the E ring to the C ring.

This video also seems to misrepresent the exit hole as the point of entry on the outer wall.  The hole seen in the video is actually the exit hole that the missile made after breaking through three rings (including six exterior walls and numerous structural columns) of the Pentagon.  It should be noted that the photo of the exit hole was taken by the FBI, which prevented the engineers who investigated the damage at the Pentagon from examining this crucial area.

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