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Who is the Mystery Telecom in the Iowa Caucus?

February 1, 2012

I have made several calls to the Republican Party of Iowa in the past few weeks asking about the name of the mystery "telecom" that was involved in the January 3 caucus.  Today, I spoke with Ryan Gough, organization director of the party.  Once again I asked Gough if he could tell me the name of the telecom involved in the caucus.  He asked me to hold on "a second" and went to meet with his boss, I assume.

After a few minutes Gough returned and told me that they would not be releasing the name of the company that was involved in the tally.  I asked him why not and he simply said that they would not provide that information - now or in the future.  I then asked him if the company was Voxeo and he claimed to know nothing about Voxeo.  Voxeo is the Israeli-linked telecom company that was involved in the flawed Democratic caucuses of Iowa in 2004 and 2008.

Why is the GOP of Iowa hiding the name of the company that helped transmit the data on January 3?  I suspect that the mystery "telecom" was the weak link by which the data was manipulated.  There is no reason that the GOP of Iowa should be able to keep the identity of the company secret.  I hope there are people in Iowa or in the Ron Paul campaign who might know the identity of this mystery company and pass it along to me.  I have contacted the Des Moines Register and hope they can help.  Because the GOP of Iowa is a political party this information cannot be obtained through a FOIA. 

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