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Who Owns Your Mind? Mind Control and the Media

December 6, 2010

Mass media is the most powerful tool used by the ruling class to manipulate the masses. It shapes and molds opinions and attitudes and defines what is normal and acceptable.
- "Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media"

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 
- Edward Bernays,

The real rulers of our society (i.e. the financial elite and military) and the controlled media work together to keep the population under their control.  The man (financial elite) needs the dog (the media) to shape public opinion to suit its agenda. 

As a patriotic American who is deeply dismayed by the lack of resistance to the lies of 9/11 and the criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I sometimes ask myself why Americans seem so apathetic in the face of such blatant injustice and evil. Either they don’t care or they are unable to see past the lies is the first logical explanation that comes to mind, but that just doesn’t make sense. Most Americans I know are very patriotic and deeply concerned about their nation.  Most are able to discern fact from fiction. So what has hijacked their patriotism, corrupted their thinking, and prevents them from comprehending the outrageous criminal deception of 9/11 -- and standing up against it?

For most Americans, and other people living in modern developed societies, the mass media is the final arbiter of reality. While many Americans may have serious doubts and questions about 9/11, they believe in the “free press” and await the day the mass media will embrace the facts and evidence of what really happened. That day, however, will never come, at least not until the nexus between the military and the mass media is broken.  In the absence of this correction most people will remain captive in the media's "Auschwitz of the mind," stupefied by its mind control and unable to resist the bold-faced lies of the government.

When we talk about "mind control," images of drugged and hypnotized assassins like Sirhan Sirhan may come to mind, but the process by which the media controls our minds is really very ordinary; it is as omnipresent and common as the television set in every American home.

Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian, was charged with the murder of Bobby Kennedy and was the only prisoner in Soledad kept incommunicado.  Sirhan was clearly not the real assassin because the fatal bullets were fired from directly behind Kennedy into his skull (right mastoid), while Sirhan was shooting from several meters in front of the senator.*

Unlike most Americans of my age, I grew up without a television and have never owned one, so I hardly ever watch TV. Prior to my recent visit to Berlin, I hadn’t seen any television since watching the World Cup last summer. Nor do I listen to the radio.

When we visited Berlin in November, I had access to a television and watched the news on CNN and BBC World. With the 600 billion dollar quantitative easing (QE2) announced by the Federal Reserve, and the discovery of terror bombs coming from Yemen, there was certainly no shortage of news. What really disturbed me, however, was the utter shallowness of the discussion and the conspicuous omission of key facts.

On November 4, I bought the Financial Times and New York Times to see how these well-respected newspapers would report the Fed’s creation of 600 billion dollars out of thin air. Both papers simply said that the Fed “would buy an additional $600 billion in long-term Treasuries by the end of June 2011,” but nowhere did they describe how this buying of debt really works. For that, one would have to read The Web of Debt by Ellen Hodgson Brown, or a similar book that discusses how the Fed really works by creating debt to enslave the American people.

The most blatant mind control tactics were seen in the coverage of the Yemeni terror bombs that had supposedly been sent to some unnamed Jewish organization in Chicago. Photographs of the interior of the explosive-laden computer printer revealed the bomber’s return address. The evil genius who made the bomb had left the sticker with the serial number in plain sight, allowing government sleuths to track the bomb to Al Qaida in Yemen. The face of the suspected Arab culprit was then shown on the screen. The mind control exercise was complete.  The fanatic Muslim fear button had been pushed once again.

Meanwhile, there were horrendous terror bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, in which hundreds of people were killed, and daily reports of C.I.A. missile strikes in Pakistan. The wicked asymmetry of the War on Terror could not be more obvious. The bombs sent to Islamic countries under U.S. occupation always cause huge numbers of casualties but are never investigated, while the bombs they send to us usually fail to detonate but make the headlines and are used to instill fear in the public. To be exposed to such mind-numbing propaganda was truly disturbing and left me feeling distinctly uneasy.

Our cat, Dusty, on his line in the garden in Wannsee.

Our cat was also glad to be back in Berlin and demanded to go out at all hours of the night. I had to get up in the wee hours and let him out on his line and keep an eye on him. One morning, I came across a movie on television about a town in California that was being mind-controlled by an evil doctor that used medications and broadcast frequencies to control the minds of everybody in the town. In American films the good guys always win.  In the end of this film the good guy exposed the evil doctor, got everyone off the drugs, knocked down the mind-control transmitter, and won the love of the beautiful Canadian girl.

We are not unlike the people in that movie (titled Perfect Little Angels) in that we unwittingly subject ourselves to mind control whenever we watch television, which for most of us is a daily habit. The not-so-subtle mind control of the mass media is included in the full range of media products consumed by Americans on a daily basis. So refined is the government/military propaganda machine in the United States that people actually spend billions of their hard-earned dollars buying the media products that are used to control their minds.  How crazy is that?


My Concise Oxford Dictionary defines “mind” as one’s opinion, direction of thoughts, or way of thinking and feeling. The mind control aspect of the mass media is the way information is twisted and becomes propaganda designed to shape the opinion of the viewer, reader, or listener in such a way that the person becomes indoctrinated to accept government policies. 

I saw very clearly how the media does this after the undercover police assault at my home in 2006.  An outside editor from Time magazine was hired to edit and twist a 170 word article in the Chicago Tribune about my arrest to give the reader an utterly false impression of who I am and what had actually happened when three heavily-armed undercover police invaded my home, broke my right arm, and tortured me with a TASER in front of my 8-year-old daughter.  Such things don't happen in America, do they?

The Bollyn children were profoundly disturbed by what they saw when their father was brutally assaulted by undercover police at their home outside Chicago.  

The controlled media, for example, never referred to me as a journalist, which was my profession and had been for 6 years.  In order to give the viewer the impression that I was an anti-Semite and a liar CNN used the magic of video editing.  CNN then broadcast this slanderous and biased material the night before my trial was set to begin in January 2007.  If my analysis of 9/11 is wrong, why would the Zionist-controlled national media go to such lengths to slander me?

The Rothschild-funded Zionist cabal that has monopoly control of the U.S. mass media has created that monopoly for one reason:  to control the media of a nation is to control the nation.  It's that simple.

Walter Lippmann, the Jewish journalist and author of Public Opinion (1922), explained the "manufacture of consent" as the manipulation of public opinion to accept the agenda of the elite.  We need to realize that the agenda of the elite means enslaving us, stealing our money, and sending us off to fight their wars of conquest.  Mind control and propaganda are the tools used by the elite to control our thinking.  We need to be aware of how the media uses these tactics so we can protect our minds, our families, and our nation. 

* In the official medical report, Dr. Thomas Noguchi concluded that the bullet entering Kennedy's right mastoid and penetrating the brain was the cause of death. It was Dr. Noguchi's expert opinion, given in testimony at the investigation, that the fatal bullet was fired at a range of not more than two or three inches from Kennedy's head. However, no witness who testified ever
placed Sirhan any closer to the Senator than two feet during the time he was firing his pistol.

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