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Why the Israelis Reject Peace

May 20, 2011

Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu are two of the chief architects of the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11.  They should be arrested on charges of terrorism and mass murder in the United States.  Barak was Netanyahu's commander in the Sayeret Matkal.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party is in Washington to meet President Obama and address the AIPAC conference, which begins on May 22.  As Netanyahu meets U.S. politicians and speaks to the media, there is one clear statement from his party's platform that must be kept in mind:

“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”

This sentence is from the official platform of Netanyahu’s party, the Likud.  Scroll down to the section called "Self-Rule" to see for yourself.  The meaning is very clear:  Likud and its political leaders are fundamentally opposed to peace because all of the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel are “west of the Jordan river.”  Why is the Israeli government's categorical rejection of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan not discussed in the U.S. media?  This is certainly not a new position by the Likudniks.  Why does Obama pretend to be seeking a peace settlement with a party he knows will reject any Palestinian state out of hand?  Why are we even talking with these people?  The Likudniks are the real terrorists.  Is that not clear to everyone?

The platform of Netanyahu's Likud government rejects a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River.  This uncompromising position shows that the real obstacle to peace is the Israeli government.

While in Washington, Netanyahu is likely to repeat his demand that all Palestinian factions recognize Israel as a Jewish state, which is tantamount to national suicide for Palestinians because it means throwing their legitimate claims and rights into the garbage.  What will it take for Netanyahu and his Likud party to acknowledge the right of Palestinians to live free of Israeli military occupation?  Why don't American politicians demand that Likud change its platform, which rules out any territorial compromise with the Palestinians for peace?

For all the money that U.S. taxpayers give Israel, isn’t it time that American voters learned about the Likud's political platform that prevents Israel from making peace with the Palestinians?  Isn't it time Americans realized that Netanyahu and his party of terrorists are the real culprits behind the false-flag terrorism of 9/11?

The Likud party was created by the notorious terrorist Menachem Begin in 1973.  The Likud was formed with his former terrorist comrades from the Irgun militia, which bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946.  When Begin came to power in 1977 he began his secret plan to bomb the World Trade Center.  The former Mossad chief Isser Harel was already talking about the 9/11 terror plan in 1980. 

Michael D. Evans is a Zionist Jew who poses as a Christian missionary. Here Evans meets with Menachem Begin, the former terrorist head of the Irgun who ordered the bombing of the King David Hotel. Evans was told by Mossad chief Isser Harel of the plan to bomb the World Trade Center in 1980, about the time of this photo.  Osama Bin Laden was only 20 years old when Begin became prime minister of Israel. 
See:  "America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism"


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