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Will Israel Survive the War on Terror?

April 20, 2017

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has been calling for the United States to wage the War on Terror since the 1970s. On 9/11, when asked how the terror atrocity would affect U.S.-Israeli relations, Netanyahu said, "It's very good."

"The West can and must defeat defeat the forces of terror before they can spread further. It must unite and fight to win the war against terrorism."
- Benjamin Netanyahu, Terrorism: How the West Can Win, 1986

"The first signs of America’s transformation after 9/11 were obvious: mass deportations, foreign invasions, legalizing torture, indefinite detention, and the suspension of the laws of war for terror suspects. Some of the grosser violations of democratic norms we only learned about later, like the web of government surveillance. Optimists offered comforting analogies to past periods of threat and overreaction, in which after a few years and mistakes, balance was restored.

"But more than 15 years later — nearly a generation — we have not changed back. Shocking policies abroad, like torture at Abu Ghraib and extrajudicial detention at Guantanamo Bay, today are reflected in policies at home, like for-profit prisons, roundups of immigrant children, and SWAT teams that rove through communities with Humvees and body armor. The global war on terror created an obsession with threats and fear — an obsession that has become so routine and institutionalized that it is the new normal."
- "We are the war on terror, and the war on terror is us" by Thanassis Cambanis, Boston Globe, March 23, 2017

Understanding that the War on Terror is a Zionist fraud that has been planned by Israeli military intelligence for decades is essential to make sense of the confusing and unhappy times we live in. As Thanassis Cambanis writes in the Boston Globe, the war on terror has "created an obsession with threats and fear — an obsession that has become so routine and institutionalized that it is the new normal." Our terrorism obsessed new normal resembles nothing more than the grim future depicted in the Israeli film Brazil (1985), produced by Benjamin Netanyahu's friend, the nuclear trigger smuggling Arnon Milchan.

Getting back to a more sane and peaceful normal will simply require a critical mass of Americans understanding that 9/11 was an Israeli false-flag operation that was carried out to kick-start a Zionist war agenda (known as the Yinon Plan) under the guise of waging the War on Terror. The deception of 9/11 and the War on Terror was designed to increase Israeli hegemony in the Middle East by imposing an artificial reality upon our nation(s) and society, but such a massive and blatant fraud cannot go on forever.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff understood in 1948 that Zionist strategy would seek to bring the U.S. military into the region to establish "Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East." This is the real strategy behind the U.S. military interventions in the region.

The evil plan of the Israeli masterminds behind the 9/11 atrocity and the War on Terror has resulted in some of their short-term strategic goals being achieved, such as the destruction of Iraq, Libya, and Syria, but what will become of Israel itself when Americans understand that Benjamin Netanyahu and his gang of Rothschild Zionists are behind the 9/11 deception?

The tactics, strategy, and ideology of the War on Terror are certainly all Israeli. The only American role is that of a nation deceived into waging war on behalf of the Zionists. But such a deception cannot be maintained for long making it only a matter of time until the fraudulent War on Terror is understood to be the Zionist crime that it is.  

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