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Zionism - The Root Cause of the Wars in the Middle East

November 1, 2016

The Palestinian refugee population of the Yarmouk Camp near Damascus, Syria, was targeted by the U.S.-armed militia known as ISIS. Allowing the displaced Palestinians to return to their homeland is the key issue that needs to be solved in order to bring peace to the Middle East. The wars that are being waged across the Middle East are caused by the Zionist maximalists who refuse to accept that the Palestinian problem has to be solved with justice for the Palestinian people. 

The world is in turmoil. People live in fear of nuclear war like they did during the worst days of the Cold War.  Europe is flooded with refugees and wars of terrorism rage across the Middle East.  People wonder if there is something they can do to alleviate the strife and turmoil that afflicts our world today – and lessen the chances of a nuclear war. 

The good news is, yes, there is in fact something everyone can do – once we understand the real source of the wars and conflicts our nations are engaged in.

The people of America and Europe are greatly disturbed and generally confused by the wars and turmoil raging in the Middle East, Ukraine, and Africa.  One of the most obvious consequences of the wars in the Middle East is the massive flow of refugees and migrants coming into Europe, a flow of desperate humans coming in numbers that have not been seen since the Second World War.

The flood of refugees coming into Europe was created by the illegal wars of aggression being waged in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

As NATO aggressively sends military forces and missiles to the states that border Russia, the controlled media wages a blatant fear-mongering campaign against the people of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe scaring them with propaganda stories that threaten the population with the idea of a Russian invasion.

The Jewish-owned (Bonniers AB) Expressen tabloid wages psychological warfare against the Swedish population, pushing anti-Russian propaganda on a daily basis.

This issue claims that Russia has plans to release nuclear weapons over Sweden.

What is peculiar about the nations that feel most threatened by a Russian invasion is that they themselves are proud members of the U.S.-led coalition that illegally invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya during the fifteen-year-old War on Terror. The fact that these invasions, like the U.S. intervention in Syria, fall into the category of illegal wars of aggression is never discussed in the controlled media that promotes the fear of a Russian invasion.

Sweden, for example, just announced that it would double its military forces fighting in the Kurdish part of northern Iraq, where the Rothschild family owns the largest oil company. Why is Sweden, who has a long history of neutrality, engaged in an illegal war of aggression in Iraq?

The Americans and Europeans are confused and perplexed about these matters because the controlled media does not give them the information or analysis they need to make sense of the wars their nations are engaged in.

A good example comes from a current news story from Reuters about Syria, and Russia’s military support for the Syrian government:

Russia backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Syria's civil war, and its military operation in Syria, now in its second year, has shored up Assad's position. That has put Moscow on a collision course with Washington and its allies who want Assad removed from office. 
– “Russia says resumption of Syria peace talks delayed indefinitely,” Reuters, November 1, 2016


So, Reuters tells us that Moscow is “on a collision course with Washington and its allies who want Assad removed from office,” but gives no explanation why Washington wants Assad removed from power. The Western reader is left to assume that removing the Syrian leader from power must be a good thing and that there must be good reasons to do so, because, of course, Washington and its allies would only want something that is good. Furthermore, removing Assad from power must be worth risking war with Russia otherwise why would the U.S. pursue a policy that carries such risks?

There is, however, nothing good at all about the U.S.-led effort to overthrow the government of Syria. The reality is that the war that has devastated much of Syria during the past five years is not a true civil war at all, but is in fact an illegal war being waged by armies of mercenary terrorists who have been funded and trained by the U.S. (C.I.A.) and some of its allies in the region on behalf of the Israelis, who are the real masterminds behind the War on Terror and the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Syria.

A screen shot from a video showing a long convoy of ISIS fighters coming into Syria from Iraq - with a U.S. Apache helicopter bringing up the rear.
"US Apache helicopter escorts ISIS convoy into Syria" 
Video URL:

Americans have been led to believe that the U.S. is trying to overthrow the elected leader of Syria because he is waging war on his own people, which is simply not true. The Syrian government is waging war against armies of foreign terrorists who are funded and trained by the U.S. government, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, with help from Jordan, Turkey, Israel, and some European allies. These foreign-funded terrorists base themselves in civilian areas, like Eastern Aleppo, and then use the civilian population as human shields.

There are numerous reports documenting the use of the civilian population of Eastern Aleppo as human shields by the terrorist groups supported by the U.S. administration.

There is, however, no valid U.S. national interest to justify President Obama’s war against the government of Syria. The U.S. has spent more than one billion dollars per year since 2011 to wage war against the government of Syria because it is in Israel’s interest, not ours.

As then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in 2012, the “best way to help Israel” is to “use force” in Syria to overthrow the government. Her email clearly reveals that as Secretary of State, Clinton was working to oust the Syrian government because it was in Israel’s interests — not America’s.

A leaked Clinton email from 2012 reveals that the U.S.-led war in Syria is being waged because it is "the best way to help Israel."

Likewise, a simple diagnosis of all of the wars currently being waged by the United States in the Middle East reveals that they are all part of an Israeli strategy known as the Yinon Plan to dominate the region by Balkanizing the large Arab states and breaking them up along ethnic and religious fault-lines. This is what has been done in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, and Sudan, and what is currently being done in Syria.

The Israeli plan to dominate the Middle East by breaking up the Arab states into ethnic statelets is known as the Yinon Plan (1982).

A diagnosis to identify the real cause of the wars in the Middle East reveals that the Zionist plan to dominate the region is behind the U.S.-led wars that have been waged in the region since the false-flag terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

As my research into the false-flag attacks of 9/11 shows, Israeli military intelligence and Zionist agents were behind the attacks and cover-up, as well as the false narrative that was used to take the United States to war. The 9/11 attacks were, in fact, a well-planned and sophisticated false-flag operation that was designed to kick-start the Global War on Terror, an Israeli war agenda that was rolled out onto the world stage at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in July 1979 – at the Jonathan (Netanyahu) Institute.

The purpose of the Jerusalem Conference was to start a global propaganda “offensive” to blame the Soviet Union for “training, funding, and equipping” international terrorism. The masterminds of this offensive were the Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, the “Father of Terrorism,” and the heads of Israeli military intelligence.

Menachem Begin, the founder of the Likud Party that currently rules Israel, considered himself to be "The Father of Terrorism" - in all of the world.

For Begin and his military intelligence planners it was “most important” to “maintain anti-Soviet hostility in Washington” because this tension between the super-powers prevented a settlement from being imposed on Israel and the Palestinians, “a development the Begin administration wished to avoid at all costs.”

Menachem Begin’s right-wing political party of Jewish terrorists (Likud) is still in power today, as it has been for most of the past four decades, and Israeli military intelligence is still using the same anti-Russia strategy to prevent a super-power settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The fact that Victoria Nuland (Mrs. Robert Kagan), the Asst. Secretary of State for Eurasia, played a key role in organizing and funding the coup d’état that overthrew the elected government in Ukraine is a key point to understand the anti-Russian posture being assumed by the U.S. government and its allies.

Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland played a key role in fomenting the violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government.

Nuland then chose Arseniy Yatsenyuk, an anti-Russian politician, to be the next 
prime minister. This was a choice that was certain to cause civil strife in a nation with a large Russian minority population. Crimea, for example, is more than 90 percent Russian-speaking.

Victoria Nuland is also a Zionist of the most extreme kind. This is not merely a coincidence.

Victoria Nuland (Kagan) is a member of the Zionist Neo-Con family that brought us the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), the war against Yugoslavia in the 1990s, and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  The Kagan family, along with the rest of the Zionist Neo-Cons, is at the center of the anti-Russian policy being pursued by the United States and its European allies. As with Syria, there is absolutely no valid U.S. national interest in having hostile relations with Russia. It is rather in the best interest of the United States and the European nations to have friendly relations with Russia.

So, when we diagnose the most serious political problems afflicting the Western world today we find that these problems are all caused by the Zionist state of Israel and its allies and supporters in the United States and Europe. The mainstream media won’t tell you that but that is what we find when an honest diagnosis of these problems is done.

When we understand that Zionism and the State of Israel is behind:

- the false-flag terrorism of 9/11, the cover-up, and the fraudulent War on Terror;

- the miserable plight of millions of Palestinian refugees;

- the wars of terrorism in the Middle East (e.g. Syria, Iraq), and;

- the rabid anti-Russia politics and fear-mongering...

then the real cause of these problems is understood and the solution becomes quite clear.

While our politicians are forced to support the Zionist state, we are not. Anyone who understands that the Likud party of Jewish terrorists and the intransigent policies of the State of Israel are causing these problems, and still supports Israel - is clearly part of the problem.

Understanding that the Zionist State of Israel is the cause of the wars being waged across the Middle East enables us to see through the disinformation being provided by our governments and the controlled media. Only with a clear understanding of the root cause of these wars will the public be able to create a popular movement to take the political actions required to rectify these problems which are becoming more urgent every day.

This bumper sticker is made by Henry Herskovitz who has maintained a vigil in front of his former synagogue, Beth Israel, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for more than a decade, to raise Jewish awareness of the grave injustice the Zionist state of Israel represents and its corruption of Jewish values in America.

The world needs more righteous Jews like Henry Herskovitz of Ann Arbor.

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